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community activities

What we are doing

For the last fifteen years we have funded a wide range of community projects. These are supported through grants and other support from Greenoak Community Focus.

A variety grants are made each year to organisations, local to our housing schemes. These have included the Volunteer of the Year awards, helping to equip the new Woking & Sam Beare Hospice centre, sponsoring for training and equiptment for two Woking First Responders, assisting with Core funding for the Surrey Minority Ethnic Forum, donating funds to support activities and workshops for Cornerhouse and Jigsaw, funding a Support Worker for the YMCA, providing cycle storage at a primary school, funding for Community Furniture projects and Citizens Advice.

Through sponsorship from Greenoak Community Focus, we work closely on projects with schools local to our social housing schemes to encourage citizenship, health and safety. For five years we have provided two classes a year with resource materials on child safety.

We also support a literacy scheme for local secondary schools and have our own book club which provides children in our housing with free reading books of their choice three times a year.