greenoakha - equality and diversity

our commitment to equality and diversity

Commitment: To treat people equally regardless of gender, sexuality, disability or age.

Housing Management

  • We will allocate and let homes to applicants fairly and develop and maintain high quality services for all residents.
  • We will respect every resident's right to live in peace and safety, and we will deal vigorously with anti-social behaviour and harassment.
  • We will take into account good practice in equality and diversity when we update our housing policies and procedures.

Development and maintenance

  • Our homes are designed to provide a good quality living environment. Where residents' needs change over time we will take reasonable steps to enable their homes to be adapted. Our new homes will meet life-time home standard.
  • All contractors and consultants on the approved list will be required to provide us with information about their equal opportunities policies or adopt ours


  • We will ensure good communication with our residents to provide high quality services that meet residents' needs. To achieve this we will, when necessary, access translation services, or use available media. We will when appropriate ensure the provision of appropriate services and adapt our procedures to meet residents' cultural or other individual needs.

Recruitment, employment and training

  • We provide training and refresher training for board members and staff in equal opportunities and diversity matters.
  • We advertise all posts for new employees and board members and will take steps to encourage and support people from all sections of the community to apply for advertised posts
  • We will make sure everyone we work with and everyone who works for us knows about our equality and diversity policy and works to it

If you would like to download a copy of our Equality and Diversity Policy you can find one here.