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who we are

Greenoak Housing Association Ltd is one of 2,000 housing associations that work in the UK. Registered with and regulated by the Homes England and the Regulator of Social Housing, we provide affordable homes for people to rent or buy. Many of our residents come through local authority registers, or in the case of older people, where they are seeking supported retirement housing.

Greenoak is a charitable housing association. We are governed by a Board with a range of relevant business skills and experience. We have in the past received some government funding towards social housing but are now developing housing without government grant, using borrowing and our own resources.  We are a member of the National Housing Federation.

As a developing association, Greenoak is a Member of the Wayfarer Partnership. Wayfarer is a consortium of 14 registered housing providers aiming to increase the supply of affordable housing and deliver sustainable communities. It aspires to achieve high quality design and sustainable construction.

Greenoak has a track record leading in environmental sustainability:

A winner of the Housing Corporation's Gold Award for Environmental Sustainability, Greenoak is at the forefront of innovation with its Greenhomes model, a design which provides well designed light and airy houses which minimises the environmental impact of housing. We also received two national awards for sustainable development: 'Social Housing Provider of the Year - Innovative Approach to Green Homes Award' and 'Low Energy Scheme of the Year' for our most recent housing scheme.

Greenoak Community Focus Ltd is a parallel community benefit organisation founded in 1985. It is not a registered housing association and is independent from Greenoak Housing Association. It also provides housing for those in need and sponsors and supports community groups and projects. Details of its community involvement are in latest sponsorship.