greenoakha - rent policy

rent policy

Greenoak reviews its rents every year on 1 April. We are committed to ensuring that rents are affordable. No annual increase will exceed the retail price index published by the Govt (RPI) + 0.5% plus or minus £2 per week.

Service charges

All service charges are based on cost and we consult residents on services provided.

Housing Benefit

If you receive full housing benefit, this should cover any increase in your rent and allowable service charges. Housing benefit does not cover heating costs or support charges.

new homes

We have recently completed three greenhomes schemes. These are 'eco-houses' designed to provide light and spacious homes with low heating and water bills, as well as many other benefits (see sustainability). These are 1 to 4 bedroom houses, which have all been let to local people and have been nominated by the Local Authority.