greenoakha - rent policy

rent policy

Greenoak reviews its rents every year on 1 April. We are committed to ensuring that rents are affordable. We are regulated by the Social Housing Regulator on rents on our social housing properties. After 4 years of reducing rents by 1%, we are now increasing our rents by CPI (Consumer price index) plus 1%. We need to do this to re-invest in the homes we provide to ensure they are in good condition.

Service charges

All service charges are based on cost and we consult residents on services provided.

Housing Benefit

If you receive full housing benefit, this should cover any increase in your rent and allowable service charges. Housing benefit does not cover heating costs or support charges.

Universal Credit

New benefit claimants and tenants with changes in their circumstances will have their rent paid in whole or part direct to the tenant as part of their monthly UC receipt, and they need to arrange to pay that part of the benefit to Greenoak.