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Covid update - What has changed

Covid update

What has changed:

The rules introduced by the government over the Christmas period have now lapsed. Whilst face coverings are no longer legally required by law in any setting, except public transport in London, it is advisable to always to wear a mask in interior places where there are several (non-family) people present.

There are still a very high number of infections in all the areas we operate in, and we strongly encourage vaccination for our residents, staff and children, both for Covid and for flue. It is also a good idea to increase ventilation in milder weather by having windows partly open.

We strongly recommend five actions:

  1. Take up all available vaccinations
  2. Test frequently, especially before and after events with multiple people
  3. If you test positive, stay isolated and
  4. tell others you have been with them so that they can test or isolate themselves as well
  5. Protect older and more vulnerable people.

Chris Whitty’s advice is to decide on a family basis what risk is acceptable, and to ration total exposure to this amount.

At this stage of the outbreak it also appears sensible to continue avoiding attendance at mass events since new case rates, though reducing, are still very high, so at present we regret that our communal lounges and kitchens need to remain closed.

Greenoak’s services

With the current high level of infections in place, we will continue to mitigate the risk to our residents, staff and our operations as much as possible, whilst at the same time continuing to provide a good service.

1. Covid jabs and testing

Lateral flow tests. We are continuing to ask our staff to do these tests, every two days for our trade operatives and twice a week for everyone else. Anyone who has not been immunised or is awaiting a booster jab is being encouraged to have these done as quickly as possible. We have been advised that two jabs do not provide enough protection from Omicron so we encourage all our residents to book their booster jab if they have not done already, or turn up at one of the no appointments sites.

2. Offices – safety measures

Our offices will remain closed to the public. Most of our staff are back working in our offices as normal. Pre-arranged appointments can still be made at our Apollo Place office, where social distancing can take place.

3. Housing Services operations

We will pause the following services and review this by the end of March:

  1. Planned works, e.g. kitchen and bathroom replacements
  2. Painting and decorating works
  3. All communal lounges and kitchens will remain closed, until at least the end of January 2022.
  4. While home visits will still take place, other alternatives will be used in some circumstances to respond to your question or query, for example by email, video call, or letter.

4. Our In-House Maintenance Team

The priority is to keep our tenants and staff safe.

  1. When repairs are received, we will ask questions about the health of members of the household.
  2. You will ask questions about the household members’ health before entering the property.
  3. Our operatives will wear a mask and gloves before entering your home.
  4. Our customers will need to maintain social distancing and all times (keep at least 2m away from the operative) or where possible, move to a different room.
  5. If at any stage our operatives feel they are not safe or the situation is becoming unsafe they have been asked to politely explain, leave and report the matter to a manager who will rearrange a visit.

We wish to thank all our residents for their patience and co-operation over what is now almost two years of disruption due to Covid 19.

Cake & Cuddles Pet Therapy Visit

Apollo Place welcomed Browells Pet Therapy in August, who brought a variety of animals for residents to dote on. Henrietta the chicken in nappies, a beautiful barn owl, a shih-tzu dog, kittens, rabbits, guinea pigs and a Shetland pony called Kevin! Residents really enjoyed their visit & found the talk given about the animals extremely interesting.

People of all ages benefit from Pet Therapy teams who visit residential homes, hospitals, hospices, schools, day care centres and prisons, and bring joy, comfort and companionship to many individuals who appreciate being able to touch and stroke a friendly animal.

PetTherapy Kevin the Horse PetTherapy Barnowl PetTherapy Cat PetTherapy childandrabbit

New Affordable Homes in Wisborough Green

We have been working in partnership with Wisborough Green Parish Council to address the need for high quality, truly affordable homes for local people in the village, and this summer we took handover of 10 properties at Great Meadow in Wisborough Green, West Sussex.  The high quality affordable homes are a mix of one, two and three bed houses with seven for rent and three for shared ownership and were built to a very high standard by family owned building firm, Jones Homes.  In mid August our Housing team personally welcomed each new excited resident with a welcome hamper along with the key to their new home. The majority of which had a local connection to the area, where house prices are high and local people are unable to afford to live there.  

We still have one sharedownership properties availble, which are ideal for first time buyers or downsizers.  Click here for more information!

 IMG 8266newhomes2 Shared ownership front 
 IMG 8332keys2  IMG 8337Shaun and tenant2