greenoakha - Greenoak Gift Freemantles School with iPads


Greenoak Gift Freemantles School with iPads

An excited group of children at Freemantles School, Woking were presented with iPads to help them with communication skills by Gill Baker, Chair of Greenoak Community Focus which supports many community projects in Woking.

Freemantles School combines a primary and secondary school, and its a special school catering for the needs of pupils with autism.  They range from 4 to 19 year, and there are currently 100 male and 25 female students.  They are assessed and must be referred by the Council before being able to gain a place at the school.

The school helps pupils to develop their independence, and understand the importance of developing social and interactive life skills to help prepare them for their future lives after leaving school.

The head teacher, Mr Justin Price also said that they were raising funds for a horticulture and farm environment within the school, to provide vocational learning opportunities and animal care.  They had received donations of rabbits and guinea pigs from local pet stores but needed more funds to support chickens and ducks and larger livestock such as pigs. They also own a tortoise but would like to include an indoor room for spiders, lizards and snakes.