greenoakha - Retrofit scheme – Affordable warmth for existing homes


Retrofit scheme – Affordable warmth for existing homes

As well as pioneering eco-friendly new homes which provide excellent energy efficiency, space standards and daylighting, Greenoak has been working to improve the liveability for tenants and leaseholders of existing properties.


Our approach, as with the new-build greenhomes, is to prioritise improvements to the buildings which work passively or automatically, without the need for lots of technology that can be a problem for residents to use.

We have improved the level of insulation in cavity walls and roofs, upgrading to energy efficient heating systems and fitting high performance windows. These measures allow residents to enjoy improved thermal comfort at lower cost. This year we have embarked on a pilot retrofit to achieve higher levels of energy efficiency in relatively hard to heat homes at The Timbers. This includes a complete upgrading of the building fabric to radically reduce heat loss and unwanted draughts as well as a full internal refit. This will reduce carbon emissions by over 60% whilst also providing a better indoor environment with more natural light and a good level of controlled ventilation using heat recovery. The initial scheme will be evaluated and the lessons learned will be applied to the remaining stock in the coming years as we seek to achieve the national target of 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050.