greenoakha - Greenoak donates £5K to Woking YMCA


Greenoak donates £5K to Woking YMCA

Woking YMCA is delighted to announce that Greenoak Housing Association has given a £5000 award to further Woking YMCA's exceptional work with helping young people build a future.


Diana Kingdon, Greenoak's Chief Executive recently visited Woking YMCA's new Grove Court Project for young people and met some of the residents. Diana heard news that for some, this proved to be the first settled home for some time.  They have access to support and training at the YPod in Woking and one had recently been supported into work.  Diana said 'Greenoak also plans to encourage some of the local housing providers to provide move on housing for young people when they are ready and no longer need support.  This will be important to enable other young people in need to be safely housed.

In addition to the Housing project, Woking YMCA runs a Children's Centre, Counselling Service, and Alternative Education Programme.  Their many other exciting projects include a recording studio, act as a Gig venue and the centre provides a safe, chilled out environment.

'Greenoak and Woking YMCA have been partners for many years; and both believe in helping young people in a holistic and co-ordinated approach.  Good partnerships like this bring great social lift to the whole of Woking, community and society" said Terry Eckersley, CEO of Woking YMCA.  'We both believe in excellence and helping people in need. The National Youth Agency used the Woking YMCA as one of four case study centres in the UK they deemed world class, 21st Century and involved partners and young people in excellent provision!