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repairs service

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Greenoak provides a fast efficient repair service. This section will help you report a repair and provide you with other important information you need to know about the service.

  • Who should you contact to report a repair?
  • What if it is an emergency?
  • How to report a repair
  • Repair timescales
  • Vulnerable tenants
  • Appointments
  • Our repair responsibilities
  • Your repair responsibilities

What if it is an emergency?

Greenaok has entered in to a partnership agreement with Raven Works for the delivery of resident Out of Hours services (*excluding some sheltered schemes). Raven Works are a subsidiary company of the Raven Housing Trust.

Out of hours Emergency number 0300 123 3399 Option 1. (Greenoak residents calling this number must always select option 1, as option 2 will forward the call to Raven Works M&E contractor who do not cover services for Greenoak)

This will provide a prompt and competent response to any emergencies. This number is for emergency repairs only and this service should only be used at weekends or during the week from 4.30pm to 8.30am. This number is not in use during working hours.

An emergency is: where there is a danger to health, a risk to the safety of residents or serious damage to the building. If you call this number for a repair that is not an emergency you may be charged for the cost incurred.

Please do not call them out-of-hours unless it is an emergency.

This is a planned service improvement to provide a prompt and competent response to any emergencies.

If your repair is an emergency (see examples of emergency repair timescales), please telephone us as soon as possible on the above number.

*Some residents of sheltered flats still have access to a Call Centre using a pull cord, if you have access to a careline system please contact them by pulling your cord or pendant.  Otherwise call the emergency number above.

If your emergency is within office hours please call the Housing Services Office on 01483768856 and speak to our friendly maintenance staff. If you prefer to send us an email please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


When you report a repair we will arrange for our staff or contractor to call at a time convenient for you within working hours. Please remember, if you fail to keep your appointment, your repair will be cancelled, awaiting a further request from you to re-order the repair. Please ensure that you provide access for any arranged appointments.

Vulnerable Tenants

We ask staff or contractors to respond more quickly where a resident or a member of their household is at risk or has special needs. Please tell us when you report the repair if this is the case.

Repair Timescales

As a responsible landlord we have set response times for completing repairs according to their urgency. These are categorised as either emergency, urgent or routine repairs: Emergency within 24 hours

A repair is classified as an emergency when it is needed to avoid danger to occupants or serious damage to the property.

Examples of emergency repairs are:

  • Burst pipes, cylinders or tanks, and blocked drains or soil pipes
  • Total electricity failure or failure that could endanger health
  • No heating during autumn/winter period (1st October - 30th April)
  • Securing a property after a 'break in'
  • Storm flood or fire damage
  • Anything that puts residents in danger or would cause serious damage to health

Note: You may be charged if you call our contractor out on an emergency without good cause.

Urgent: within 5 working days

A repair classified as urgent is any outstanding, more permanent repairs which need to be carried out after an emergency, or small repairs needed in order to prevent further damage becoming evident to the property.

Examples of urgent repairs are:

  • Minor leaks
  • Blocked gullies and waste pipes
  • Faulty water taps.
  • Attending to broken glazing
  • Minor roof defects
  • Repair/replacement of faulty door locks
  • Replacement of cracked WC pans, cisterns, wash hand basins
  • Running overflow pipes and repair or renewal of ball valves
  • Central heating repairs

Routine : respond and complete within 28 days

These are examples of non urgent repairs for repair and/or replacement:

  • Windows
  • Baths, panels etc.
  • External/internal doors
  • Repairs to fencing
  • Repairs/replacement of gutters
  • Blocked rainwater goods
  • Replacement/repair wall, floor and roof tiles
  • Pointing and brickwork repairs
  • Repairs to garden paths
  • Re-bedding roof ridge tiles and re-pointing verges