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sheltered housing

This is for older residents who need some support. Here we assist residents to retain their independence with the benefit of greater security and peace of mind. If you would like information about our rented retirement schemes in Woking or Hastings, or about leasehold apartments in Eastbourne or Hastings, please contact us.

Download our Application form to join the waiting list for Sheltered Housing in Woking - please note applicants must be 55 years of age or above.

Our scheme support staff are not direct care providers but act as 'enablers'. Residents are therefore able to access appropriate services to improve their quality of life and to retain independence for as long as possible. Our staff oversee and supervise the day-to-day running of schemes including arranging repairs, resolving service problems and supervising contractors, together with support and assistance to residents.

Scheme staff promote and participate as appropriate in social activities at the schemes and encourage a range of social activities to appeal to various residents' interests. They are not expected to organise and run all these activities but to enable, encourage and support residents to do so. Staff deal with personal emergencies in the first instance but then hand over to other agencies/families, as we do not provide a nursing service or domestic assistance.

The main direct support our staff are expected to give to residents include: