greenoakha - achievements


Over the years we have sought to achieve improved standards when working with private developers on mixed schemes e.g. to achieve higher levels of energy efficiency and security, however over the last few years we have developed our own schemes to address the challenge of sustainability with a radical model based on simplicity and renewable resources. The first three projects have been completed and a fourth is in the planning stage. Key features include:

  • Code level 4 minimum
  • Lifetime homes throughout and as needed, homes to wheelchair standard
  • Above average floor areas to allow space for children and work
  • Sustainable timber construction instead of concrete and brick
  • Low impact piled foundations without ground beams
  • Factory made timber cassettes for floors, walls and roofs
  • Air-tight shell with whole-house ventilation for energy efficiency
  • Generous triple-glazed timber windows to provide natural light
  • Very high insulation levels using recycled paper and wool
  • Dedicated low-energy lighting thoughout
  • Avoidance of PVC and toxic materials to create a healthy indoor environment
  • Ecological paints and linoleum finishes
  • Water saving WCs, spray taps, showers and plumbing design
  • Sustainable drainage and garden water butts
  • Provision for waste recycling and construction waste reduction

These factors mean that as well as having a very low heating requirement - £40 to £60 per year. These homes will be able to adapt to the future needs of residents and be very suitable for anyone with needing an allergen-free environment