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Green Homes Project:

Prof David Strong, previous Director of BRE was guest speaker at the launch in Woking of Greenoak's research project on future proof housing. This was funded by the Housing Corporation with an Innovation and Good Practice grant.

He talked about whole systems thinking and the need for collaborative working. Reducing carbon emissions from housing needed intelligent thinking, was challenging and there were no quick fixes. There were 'three steps to heaven: Energy efficiency, Passive renewables eg natural daylight to optimize solar gain, and lastly low carbon renewables. ' He said that Greenoak's greenhomes 'were probably the closest in the UK to the German Passivhaus', and that 'Greenoak had a clear vision of providing sustainable communities.'

His key messages were:

Greenoak's IGP project aimed to critically evaluate the scope to mainstream innovations in design, specification and procurement used in their sustainable timber-frame housing programme. The project explains what Greenoak is trying to achieve in developing greenhomes and he outlined the findings from the evaluation and research with residents.

The Housing Corporation's Innovation and Development Manager for the South East, Karin Stockerl, said:

"I was delighted by the interest in the event and delegates went away determined to implement some of the lessons learnt by Greenoak Housing Association on their own projects. Greenoak showed that their approach is worthy of being noted by larger Housing Associations and by developers, as it delivers homes at Code for Sustainable Homes level 3 and above without the need for PV panels, wind turbines or other expensive systems. This can only be good news for the sector and we are delighted to have assisted in the research through our Innovation and Good Practice funding."

Key aims of Greenoak's development programme are: desirability to live in, simplicity to run and replicability of production. The model features maximum flexibility and accessibility with generous space standards, the avoidance of all toxins, as well as future-proof design in terms of climate change and energy source. All the greenhomes units were designed to Eco-homes excellent and full Lifetime Homes standards. The procurement involved specialist supply chain solutions, contract packages and a unique quality assurance approach.