Greenoak Housing Association Ltd - vision


As a small but innovative association we have decided to take a deliberately selective approach in making our contribution. We cannot attempt to tackle the issue in the same way as a large organisation and therefore have concentrated our efforts in being needs led and producing new homes that are genuinely sustainable in their concept, design and use.

Our policy is to work closely in partnership with residents, local authorities, parish councils and other agencies to ensure that any physical or service development we make 'hits the nail on the head' for the neighbourhood in question.

We are committed to getting the best value for local communities with the least environmental cost in the long term. This means looking critically at the whole building process to get maximum performance from limited resources.

Our main concern has been to complement our core purposes and ensure that our new or improved housing:

  • Is right for each community
  • Is wanted by its occupiers
  • Can respond to changing needs
  • Minimises environmental impact in building and use
  • Provides a healthy and safe home
  • Minimises maintenance and running costs

We are doing this for present and future residents and hence the approach must ensure that the homes produced are:

  • Economical to build and maintain over their life
  • Easy to understand, run and adapt over time